Preparing For An Assisted Living Environment

There are two components to the assisted living environment. But it is never going to be a case of picking and choosing which of the proposed assisted living care draper programs the affected person or couple will be settling into. That’s an encouraging sentiment. To settle. To be settled. An affected person is never going to be incarcerated behind the walls of an institution. He or she will be living, yes, living within an environment that has care as its main theme.

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Indeed, caregivers are in the majority as part of the center’s staff component. But the job description could be generalized in the sense that each and every member of the staff body all have different roles to play. And is it not true that it’s not really a job, more like a calling really, a vocation. Because this is the kind of dedicated work that could place any one servant at his or her wit’s end. It cannot be easy seeing to the sensitive and intimate needs of old men and women.

This is work that people must do not because it has to be done but because they want to do it. That the work needs to be done is, of course, not being questioned. It cannot be easy losing control. All sense of dignity and self-pride is lost. It is not nice feeling so helpless. And yet it turns out alright in the end. It is the duty of the caregiver to make his master or mistress feel as comfortable as possible. He or she becomes a friend.

Finally, there are those old folks who are a bit more fortunate than others. They can still stay at home. But on the condition that their caregivers are there to serve them.