Our health needs to be our top priority.  As children we tend to have an advanced immune system that helps to keep illness and disease away.  When we start to get older and depending on what we do to keep our bodies healthy, we may tend to be more perceptible to illness. 


If we find ourselves getting sick the ultimate cure will typically be surgery.  When faced with the prospect of mt pleasant cancer surgery most of us will have an increased level of fear that could be debilitating.  The main piece of advice that I can give you is to have a positive attitude and hope for the best.

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Eat right

If you are younger and you are not in a position to need surgery or other medical treatments you can start changing your ways.  The first thing that you can do is start eating right.  You want to eat fruits, vegetables and stay away from harmful foods such as those that are processed, have lots of artificial colors and flavors and much more.  You also want to set an eating schedule that works for you on a consistent basis.  If you just jump in and start eating whatever whenever, your body will have a hard time processing it correctly.

Drink water

Whenever possible drink water.  When we drink water we are flushing out toxins from our bodies.  If you don’t like the taste of water consider putting water in the fridge and getting it cold.  You may also want to consider adding some natural flavoring to the water as well.  Lemmon, fruit and other components are great ways to flavor your water.  You can also add natural flavoring packs but stay away from the Kool-Aid.


Finally, you want to sleep.  Getting proper sleep and the right amount of sleep will aid you as well.  When we sleep and relax we are allowing our bodies to heal.  If we are ill sleep, proper food and plenty of liquids will aid us in the best way possible for natural healing.

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